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It is possible to hire me on an hourly rate as and when you need me. This service is provided on-line or in person. This service is ideal for those wanting help here and there who either don’t need a complete lighting design service package or don’t have the budget for one. It is useful for self builders, homeowners, Interior Designers, and other design and construction professionals who need:

  • More time spending on any of the above than can be covered in a brainstorming session.
  • Hand drawn or AutoCAD created lighting and switching plans.
  • Finessing lighting plans created by others for you.
  • A report of suggestions on how to finesse lighting plans created by others that you can get them to implement for you.
  • Lighting equipment schedules – from plans I create for you or those supplied by others.
  • Quotations for the supply of lighting.
  • An intermediary to communicate about lighting with main contractors, electrical contractors, M&Es, etc.

Home Lighting Design Bedfordshire

Ad-Hoc Hours: £125.00 per hour

Home Lighting Design Hertfordshire

The service starts with a Level 1. On-line (or in person) Consultation Session. Thereafter my hourly rate is £125.00 + VAT per hour rounded to the closest ¼ hour.

Travel time to and from client meetings on site or at any other locations, such as showrooms, is charged at £62.50 + VAT per hour, after the first 30 minutes (as calculated by using the directions facility in Google Maps), again rounded.

A discounted half day rate of £450.00 + VAT (4 hours) and a day rate of £900.00 + VAT (8 hours) are also available for those who want to block book longer slots.

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Lighting Design Testimonials

Rob and Liz Sinclair
Sam - we can not thank you enough for how you have transformed our home with your creative and practical ideas. You have made beautiful features of beams, fireplaces and windows in ways we could/would never have envisaged.
Peter Horrocks
What Sam delivered more than paid off. Pound for pound it was the best value in our project. Sam encouraged us to be more daring with design, while still in keeping with the property, than we would have been without her.
Andrew Rayner
Sam Coles is a friendly, professional business person who is an expert in all aspects of lighting. She has the ability to listen, interpret and understand requirements efficiently enabling her to deliver solutions that achieve far more than your expectations.
Sherry Wales
Sam consistently delivers above and beyond what is asked of her, demonstrating excellent attention to detail and making suggestions and recommendations that help to shape the projects that we collaborate on

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