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From Your Tyre Up

Your tyres are one of the most important things to maintain on your car to keep your daily commute and road trips safe and you in control of the situation every day.

Our specialised technicians are knowledgeable in everything to do with your tyres and every little thing that affects their daily use.

Let us check your tyre pressure, treads, and everything else connected with them here at CarFix Garage.

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Replace and Maintain

Your Tyres

We are happy to analyse your tread and general wear and tear to determine if your tyres need replacing, need more air, or need a patch from a recent puncture.

The Right Choice For You

Did you know there are hundreds of kinds of tyres and each vehicle can have dozens of different models and styles fit their specific needs? Did you also know that there are different tyres for the different seasons because some are built for the Winter snow while others are built for the Summer heat? Let our expert technicians here at CarFix Garage help find the perfect choice for your vehicle and lifestyle. We will replace them when necessary and keep them maintained so you can keep driving all year long.

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Providing Top QualityCar Services
With over 1,300+ happy customers, you can be assured our highly trained car service technicians at CarFix Garage are committed to excellence, providing exceptional car services to ensure you are safe on the road.
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At CarFix Garage, we employ a team of highly trained car service technicians and use the latest in diagnostic equipment and tools to keep up with the ever-changing car industry.
Our Promise
We promise to only use top-notch parts to make sure your car is performing better and safer than when you brought it to us. Our car service work is competitively priced so that you’re never overpaying and only pay what we quote you.